Reservation Policy

TFG Vacations India Pvt. Ltd.


☛ How can I make a reservation?

We will allocate one Travel Counsellor only to your reservation. The Counsellor will email a Performa invoice detailing the amount payable, reservation details, and package contents after the hotels, itinerary, and pricing have been arranged. If you are satisfied with the details, we will begin the reservation process.

☛ When and how much do I pay in advance?

We would want a 10% to 25% advance payment to process the reservation; once we obtain confirmations and payment time limits from the individual hotels, we will tell you on the final payment schedule, which will vary based on the season and destination.

☛ What exactly is a confirmation voucher?

We will send you a confirmation voucher outlining all the facts relevant to the specific reservation once the reservation is confirmed, and the advance is received. This must be shown to the hotel upon check-in.

☛ How do I find out if my hotel reservation has been confirmed?

We would include the confirmation number and name of the person who confirmed the reservation on the hotel confirmation voucher, as well as the hotel phone number and contact information. You are invited to contact the hotel directly to inquire about the status of your reservation.

☛ Do I need to verify my reservation with the hotel?

No, we also send a copy of the hotel confirmation voucher to the hotel.

☛ How long does it take to obtain a response?

Between 24 to 48 hours.

☛ Cancelling or Changing a Reservation
What is your hotel reservation cancellation policy?

If the reservation is cancelled or amended, the terms and conditions imposed by the respective hotel apply. This policy is not consistent and is affected by a variety of factors such as seasonality, the time between cancellations or adjustments and the check-in date, and the type of rate at which the reservation was made. All of these terms and conditions are imposed by the hotels, not by TFG Vacations India Pvt. Ltd. We would charge a 10% processing fee for changes or cancellations.