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samatham v k sai sri bhanu

Member ID : TFG052744069
City : West Godavari
Postal Code : 534275
Joining Date : 15/05/2018

I am Sribhanu from narsapur. I recently joined in TFG vacations. By the time of my joining, my sponsor Ruhee shukla helped me a lot. She gave me a trust on TFG vacations and she looks everything for make me comfort in TFG vacations. I am very thankful to Ruhee ji for make me to join in this precious company.

Ansar MM

Member ID : TFG057923496
City : Kodagu
Postal Code : 571201
Joining Date : 13/05/2018

TFG is best online job website i ever did,Its very simple to work.And you can post number of add in different site,I really enjoying working with TFG.I request all instead of wasting time in online,You can work in TFG and earn lot of money. Regards, Ansar

Mukesh Rawat

Member ID : TFG052089593
City : Hyderabad
Postal Code : 500015
Joining Date : 12/05/2018

Hi, my name is Mukesh Singh & I am working with TFG Vacation India Pvt Ltd from past one week and I am enjoying my work apart from my regular job and its easy to work with this company where we can spent easily 3-4 hours and complete the post and with the help of these post we will be able to do another work and again it depends on the package that you are subscribe to.

Ajay Kumar Rawat

Member ID : TFG058565254
City : Hathras*
Postal Code : 204101
Joining Date : 11/05/2018

Hi, my name is Ajay Kumar Rawat & I am working with TFG Vacation India Pvt Ltd from past one month and I am enjoying my work regularly and its easy to work with this company where we can spent easily 12 hours with 5 premium packages and complete the post and with the help of these post we will be able to do again it depends on the package. This is the golden chance for all young generation people to get success in your life. TFG is the only way to get success easily. So come and start your work with TFG Vacation India Pvt Ltd.


Member ID : TFG057315158
City : Kozhikode
Postal Code : 673019
Joining Date : 10/05/2018

Helo, friends, iam Jubair from Kerala, i was searching a online job and i searched many company finally i saw a ads in olx , i contacted and when he describes company mission , objective and payments, i interested in it, really i take a risk because i invested amount believing hi. now it think it was a golden opportunity to me becacuse it was nice experience when i work with tfg holidays, because it gives me pleasure, satisfaction and money, when i search this i found that the peoples from Kerala is less as concern to other states, now iam trying to reach this earnings to kerala also, i liked it very much because tfg gives happy by tour package and money by working, thank you, i will work for this on my leisure time. iam also saying it is golden opportunity to all indians to earn by simple online work, there is no lost of cash and no risk, no boss. we all of them make ourselves boss and worker. my theory is working is for enjoy and financial help, i found my theory is really practical in tfg holiday, i am enjoying as well as iam earning through tfg holidays.


Member ID : TFG051453300
City : Guntur
Postal Code : 522413
Joining Date : 08/05/2018

its is the best website for part time for students and best money earning job for home makers And my sponsor motivated me and she is not only my sponsor and some time she acts like my friend and I am happy to say that TFC Vacations is Excellent Company

Shalini goyal

Member ID : TFG057340244
City : Hathras*
Postal Code : 204101
Joining Date : 08/05/2018

Hey this is shalini goyal from hathras up. I got 2000 /- first commission in 3 days only after joined 2 persons..I m so happy that every income is on time in this company.

Ankush singh Gahlod

Member ID : TFG055926938
City : Wardha
Postal Code : 442005
Joining Date : 07/05/2018

I am always looking for ways to supplement my current income. This is the easiest thing I have ever done. This is a great website it gives a lot of opportunities for people that doesn't have time to work outside. Thanks to TFG for given me an opportunity to join there team! I highly suggest to everyone. Thanks Ankushsingh

Abdul Khaliq

Member ID : TFG053672801
City : Bangalore
Postal Code : 560006
Joining Date : 03/05/2018

Firstly, I would like to thank TFG Vacations India Pvt, LTD,. for offering me job in your esteemed organization. It's a great approach towards eradicating the unemployment. It allows an individual to spread his/her wings to fly in a direction of career success. It motivates each and every person to take up a job without much hazels (such as attending and clearing of interviews, traveling, pressure of management involved in your day to day activities etc,. and many such time consuming activities). The people suffering from various health issues who restrict themselves from traveling (home to Office & vice versa) can easily take-up the work/job from home. Students from poor background get benefited by taking up a part time Job in this company to sustain their educational fees and overcome the challenge of facing the world after they complete their studies. The risk for the women In any company who are work late night and end up taking their own transport while returning from office to their homes would feel much secure by taking up home based jobs. Hence, I am glad that I am part of this organization. Thanks & Regards, Abdul Khaliq.

Aishwarya N. Jain

Member ID : TFG058736058
City : Mysore
Postal Code : 570017
Joining Date : 01/05/2018

It has been a wonderful experience working for TFG vacations and i would like to thank TFG vacations India pvt ltd for offering me the easiest job a person can do to utilize their precious time and earn money out of it. I've just joined recently by the time of joining i was very confused and had many queries about job, company and all but then my sponsor priya singh helped me out and gave all her support and i would like to thank her personally and thank all the members of the HR department for their support.

VenkataChala Moorthi K

Member ID : TFG046453405
City : Coimbatore
Postal Code : 641045
Joining Date : 30/04/2018

Dear Team, I am from coimbatore, was searching job online. First of all thanks to TFG for giving such a nice opportunity to work, as i am housewife and want to do something from home then I contacted TFG Vacations and paid the package amount as an registration fees which will be reimbursed whenever our family trip plan is made and hence started doing the work of advertisement posting. I am feeling very happy and thankful to company for such great opportunity and great work from home option for housewives, students, retired person etc .. Thanks TFG Team

Aayesha Malik

Member ID : TFG047357796
City : North Delhi
Postal Code : 110086
Joining Date : 29/04/2018

this is very gud opporchunity for all house wifes and college student and ilike so much i work everyday on this website it is verry helpful for all womens fullfill our dreams...

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